Thursday, 10 February 2011

VM say "TiVo is a beta" explains slowness

I had the following from Virgin Media when I asked about whether the TiVo's speed is something to worry about:

TiVo is very much in beta stage at the moment and is continually being worked on.  The TV team are working hard to iron out any glitches and problems with response time. Going forward you should expect to see improvements towards a truly smooth and slick service.
Reassuring I'm sure you'll agree, here's to more functionality and more speed!


  1. Good blog. If you get the chance, please see if VM will say when (in terms months) the Ethernet port will be enabled.



  2. That makes sense, as I was told full launch scheduled for April...

  3. Thanks for the comment Mike, I'll let you know when I hear from VM about the ethernet port. It'd be lovely to be able to export recordings from the TiVo.

    @Jon, I may have heard April banded about somewhere myself actually...