Thursday, 17 March 2011

Third tuner enabled with software fix!

Virgin Media TV Powered by TiVo now has three tuners!!

Yes, you can record three channels at once!

More details to come from VM about what other changes were made in the much anticipated software update.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

New TiVo remote up close

Rumoured £90 TiVo on the way!?

Commenter Square Eyes has posted on a fellow TiVo blog that it's believed a cheaper TiVo with 500GB hard drive is in the pipeline from Virgin Media, for £49.99 plus £40 installation.

If true, this may anger the existing 1TB TiVo owners, but give the revolutionary interface of the TiVo more market share.

This would be a great sales move from Virgin Media, the fanatics would have paid any price, and were happy enough with the £149+ on offer for original S1 TiVo owners.  This new price point will attract a wider audience and the hype has already been generated from the existing user base.

This rumour comes about as Virgin Media have had their parent company's CEO Richard Branson comment on the TiVo as a "weapon" against Sky.