Friday, 11 February 2011

Ethernet port: Virgin say "I'm sure there is a reason for it"

In response to a question I asked of Virgin, spurred on by ashpole in comment to a previous blog post; Virgin have told me

Far too early to say at the minute, however I'm sure there is a reason for it being there

So there's a titbit of hope for TiVo desktop software and ultimately exporting of programs in the future??


  1. Surely the ethernet port will have to be enabled for VM's planned iPad app to work via the Media Access Key?

  2. Yes you'd think so, I'm hoping for an Android app too! The installation engineer told me there is an Android one planned :)

  3. The ethernet port will allow 2 TiVo boxes to share recorded content. I also have a V HD box, which is meant to be TiVo'd in the near future, so I'm really looking forward to this feature when it's activated. Ethernet homeplug adapters will work great as a wireless option.

  4. really?? the V HD box is going to get a TiVo interface? where did you hear that? I'm very interested in that, at present I have a TiVo, a V+ HD Samsung box, and a Cisco V HD box. Which ever interface gets TiVo software I'll keep. Please post back!

    In fact....I wouldn't have needed to buy my TiVo if it's the V+ HD which is getting TiVo software?!!! I better keep that fact secret from my wife if that's true!

  5. Supposedly, the V HD will get a TiVO-style makeover with a better EPG and some nice graphics. It will also be able to act as client for playback of recordings from your main TiVO box.

    Apparently the Samsung V+ doesn't have enough RAM or summat, although ironically the old SA V+ would have taken the software..

  6. Cheers ShadowTD, where did you hear this?

    I'm surprised that the small, non recording V HD has more RAM than the V+!