Monday, 16 May 2011

Latest thoughts on TiVo: May 2011

Hi all,

I've been letting my TiVo "bed in" past it's latest update to 3 tuners, and on the whole I'm happy.

However I do have some gripes with my TiVo.  So far it's crashed on me twice with a circle image spinning round just by pressing the "My Shows" button.  Also I missed the Royal Wedding, for some reason (I still havn't figured out why) my TiVo stopped recording about 1 hour 30 minutes into the coverage.

I can forgive a single blip in recording, but the hanging at the circle annoys me the most, once I had to take the power lead out of the back of the box (I wasn't happy to do this, I could hear the hard drive heads crash when I did it) and the other time I decided to leave it, which it eventually clicked back in (not to the My Shows screen though) to the main menu.


  1. It's often the user interface that hangs and shows the donut. If it does, try:

    Thumb Down - Thumb Up - Play - Play

    It's a little sequence to reset the GUI.


  2. that should come in very useful thanks Mike! Can you confirm it works when the donut is spinning?

  3. I've had a few random crashes as well. Next time I will try @ashpole's suggestion.

    I've also had a recording blip - failing to record an episode Dr Who - for new apparent reason. I have a suspicion that it looks for HD showings by preference so will not record the obvious showing but instead record a HD repeat four weeks in the future.

  4. Mine was weird, I had nothing else set to record on the day of the Royal wedding, I had over 60% free disk space, but it just cut off the recording (just as the Princes were on the way to the Abbey!) after a seemingly random time (1:32:15 or something). Quite frustrating!

  5. Yep, spinning donut is generally a frozen UI and that sequence works fine.

  6. Perhaps it realised the Royal Wedding was moronic? Clever little Tivo ;-)