Thursday, 10 March 2011

Rumoured £90 TiVo on the way!?

Commenter Square Eyes has posted on a fellow TiVo blog that it's believed a cheaper TiVo with 500GB hard drive is in the pipeline from Virgin Media, for £49.99 plus £40 installation.

If true, this may anger the existing 1TB TiVo owners, but give the revolutionary interface of the TiVo more market share.

This would be a great sales move from Virgin Media, the fanatics would have paid any price, and were happy enough with the £149+ on offer for original S1 TiVo owners.  This new price point will attract a wider audience and the hype has already been generated from the existing user base.

This rumour comes about as Virgin Media have had their parent company's CEO Richard Branson comment on the TiVo as a "weapon" against Sky.


  1. I have an S1 Tivo and have had no offer at all even though I registered as soon as I could. They should really be making more effort to keep loyal customers in the loop.

  2. Not sure 500gb is enough really.. I'm 50% full on the 1Tb already after about 4 weeks. Remember on Tivo you record everything - plus suggestions, very quickly builds up.

  3. @Beresford, get on to @virginmedia on twitter, they may be able to help you, I had to keep on top of them to get mine but ended up with one of the first units in the UK.

    @Tony, I know what you mean, the more space the better with TiVo but it would have been nice to have an option of a cheaper one.