Thursday, 28 June 2012

New pilot software being rolled out to TiVos! (with video)

I have the 15.3 TiVo pilot software!

Virgin's announcement said about the new firmware:
We've just started piloting the next update to the TiVo software to selected users in the Preston, Ashford, Andover, Stoke, Colchester and Crawley areas. You don't need to do anything to receive the new software, it should download automatically overnight over the next two days if you're part of the pilot. We're hoping to push it out to everyone after the Olympics if the pilot is successful, we'll make an announcement when we've got more news on that.

What's changed in the new software:

Record and Reminders - Reminders, where even if you do miss the reminder pop-up, you still won't miss your show as TiVo will still record it for you. 

General stability updates for TiVo and interactive services 
HDMI connection reliability improvements – Some of you who've seen this issue should see a reduction in the number of invalid HDMI error messages.

You can check if you're on the pilot by going to Help & Settings > System Info > System Info, the software version will read 15.3 if you're on the pilot.

Luckily I'm in a pilot area, check out my system info!

I have to say I have not noticed any discernable difference in performance, and due to the fact I had no stability issues before, I cannot confirm or deny that it has indeed made it more stable.

Here's a video of the reminder popping up!

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  1. August 2013 - High time for a new firmware (e.g. 15.4)
    - SD/HD swapping
    - Use MP4 instead of the current MPEG2 hog