Tuesday, 7 June 2011

The reason behind TiVo's performance issues?

Prolific TiVo Community member CWaring has revealed how TiVo behaves when it's web connection isn't working properly.

What became apparent was that TiVo doesn't appear to cache data locally!  The pictures don't appear, and the "programme details" page can't even load at all.

We're grateful in the TiVo community for Carl to bring this to our attention, it's a huge step forwards in us understanding what might be making the TiVo sluggish at times.  It could well be the load on Virgin's broadband network.

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Whoa - new app!? Photo gallery

Hi all, I browsed through the features on my TiVo tonight for the first time in a few weeks, and browsing through the apps I came across the Photo Gallery app.

It reads your Flickr and Facebook pictures, anything like this is a worthy addition (it's free!) but it doesn't perform as smoothly as you'd like with a few bugs.   Even though it's on version 1.9 apparantly!?

My take on this is that it at least shows intent from VM to add more apps, and it's not too bad at that.  As an XBMC user though, a lot of the features of Virgin TiVo though I find myself thinking, "well I can do that better on my XBMC", I'm glad to say that this app is something different.  Not as polished as photo gallery from within XBMC, but pulls in live data from your Facebook and Flickr web streams.

Nice work Virgin Media!    Anyone know when this went live btw?